MPL are a London based Commercial Property Maintenance, Building, and Plumbing company. Operating from a premises in Soho; MPL sought 2120 Network’s expertise in 2018 to manage their expansion with a new office in Brentwood, Essex to service their Commercial Maintenance clients. Our brief was to improve IT operations in the new office enabling their staff to work remotely. 


Facing a number of challenges MPL were being let down by their out-dated, unsecure, and unreliable technology. To expand their business efficiently we formulated a plan to increase their productivity and communication. 

Frequently faced with network blackouts and the inability to pick up emails remotely; we swiftly migrated MPL from their antiquated POP email to the ultra-fast and secure Microsoft Office 365 platform in one weekend. The results were immediate and extremely positive as MPL can now benefit from the huge capability of the Office 365 platform with emails on the move and flexible monthly billing. 

In their new office we installed a high-performance Local Area Network (LAN) with new PCs and upgraded their HP Server to Windows Server 2016. MPL specified that they would like to access their documents remotely and work from home. Using the Windows 2016 Server we configured secure remote access and provided individual members of staff remote access to their Office PC over an SSL encrypted VPN connection. 


2120 Networks assisted MPL to swiftly setup a new office with 5 members of staff over a weekend whilst remaining competitive in cost.Their communication productivity increased 10-fold with Microsoft Office 365 as their rock-solid and mobile centric email platform. MPL are now able to improve customer service and balance team workload. 


The expansion has paved the way for future growth with technology at the centre and we are able to support the process through our Virtual IT Manager service. We are now assisting MPL with the procurement of their CRM and job tracking software that will run entirely from the Cloud and enable the business to operate a number of new sectors with increased skill and mobility.