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Now more than ever, computer networking services are critical to ensure that your business can operate 24/7

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We’re a network services company offering support to manage and optimise our clients’ IT systems. Now more than ever, computer networking services are critical to ensure that your business can operate 24/7 and as a result they require ongoing management and optimisation. A well-designed and well-maintained IT network will be the backbone of your Business and will enable fast access to resources and your customers.

Within the walls of our business premises you will have a Local Area Network (LAN) for short, and the function of this is to connect your Computers, Printers and other devices together. Like the roads or tube network in a large city they must be free of traffic jams, roadworks and delays so you can get around quickly. This works in the same way on your LAN and everything you do on your Computer travels around this network in the same way a tube train crosses a city. Any delays will slow you right down getting to your destination.    

A fast internet connection may not be enough.

Access to fast Internet and data is more efficient now than ever before but simply having a fast internet connection is not always enough. A poorly maintained local IT network will severely limit performance and throw up connectivity problems in places you would not expect just like those crippling and unexpected delays on your journey to work.  


If you’re looking for more reliable, faster and cost-effective solutions, you should look to outsource your network infrastructure support systems which is what we do best at 2120 networks. Through our outsourced network support, we maintain your existing business IT networks while looking for ways to keep them up-to-date and running efficiently. From day 1 we will offer a free review of your LAN and advise on any issues that need to be fixed before you join us.  


Our network support services come scaled and priced to your bespoke needs. These services can include but aren’t limited to monitoring, troubleshooting and updating computer networking services.



Why it's important to have neat cabling?

A large number of business from small to large corporates all suffer from the same problem: Untidy cabling. We are on a mission to correct this problem and give back businesses the speed and reliability that they are probably unaware that they are missing. 


What is a Comms Cabinet? 

A Comms Cabinet is that neglected box in the corner with the flashing lights and cables dangling down. What is forgotten by many businesses is how important this is. The Comms Cabinet is the central point of a LAN (Local Area Network) where all structured cabling returns and connects to a patch panel, and into your network devices such as Switches, Firewalls and Routers. 


All data and connections from your computers pass through this point and it's in this area that you connect to the Internet. Each network device requires a connection, and to work correctly and talk to other devices it's important that these are neat and tidy.


There are a number of benefits you'll gain by having a tidy Comms Cabinet and we want you to know what these are. 

How can we fix this for you? 

If your Comms Cabinet looks like spaghetti it's not as complicated to fix as it may seem. We offer a service to assess your network setup and advise on areas that can improve. Our review will cover the speed of your current network, number of devices connected, WiFi strength and if any drop outs are detected. We will also check the quality and speed rating of your cabling, and then take care of replacing components. 

Depending on the size of your network we can complete this within a few days and usually over a weekend to avoid disrupting your business when we reroute cables. Our aim is to optimise the efficiency of your IT Network to deliver improved speed and reliability, lower your operating costs and reduce the lost productivity caused by slow connections. 

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