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IT challenges are common place across all industries and businesses large and small. At 2120 Networks our mission is to upscale the IT of small businesses across the UK help foster digital transformation. Small businesses face a lot of complexity and cost when it comes to Information Technology and the critical part it plays in the running of a growing business. Our experience comes from years of work in corporate IT environments and teams where we have forges IT strategies and simple procedures that can be passed down to small businesses. We are proud to offer a FREE 30 minute video call consultation where we will listen to your IT challenges and formulate a simple and effective strategy to overcome hurdles. Our aim is to focus on what matters to you as a business owner or operator and provide you with trustworthy advice to move forward and nurture your technology to enable growth.


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It doesn't matter whether you're an Electrician, a Manufacturer, a Transport Manager or Financial Planner if you run a business you will interact with technology and face the same complex issues. Small business fall short of the standards required to operate technology in a digital world for one main reason: it's too complex. We are here to help you navigate through and encourage the growth of your business through efficient technology products and services.