Our 360 degrees approach to technology is tailored to meet the needs of small businesses across various industry sectors utilising market leading products and services.



As consumer habits and technologies evolve; the adoption of Cloud Computing is becoming commonly utilised to support business operations. Small businesses are following the trend and adopting solutions that are driving business growth with agility. The accessibility of Cloud Computing creates vast opportunities for small businesses, and we are in a position to take advantage of its benefits at competitive prices. We have many years of experience migrating small businesses into the Cloud. Whether you looking to migrate your mission-critical applications or your entire IT estate; we will manage the entire process. We are vendor agnostic and have access to all the market-leading Cloud services and vendors.


Benefits of moving to the Cloud: Enhanced Functionality, Performance, Reliability, Security, Accessibility, Flexibility, Elasticity, and Cost Control. 



Your business productivity applications in the

Cloud such as Office 365, Messaging, CRM, Accounting, and much more. Priced per user per month.



Your entire desktop accessed virtually from the Cloud without the need for local servers and hosting of applications, emails, data and much more. Priced per user per month.

Public Cloud


Your servers in the Cloud for hosting all your IT needs enabling access to your applications and data from anywhere with a secure Internet connection. Priced per server per month.

Hybrid Cloud


A combination of Cloud services from multiple vendors and on-premise IT enabling greater flexibility. Price varies dependent on vendor and services.




Microsoft 365 is an intelligent Cloud platform that helps you to grow your business with productivity boosting and secure technology. Microsoft 365's secure and reliable Email and Collaboration platform is customisable for all businesses and with its simple monthly or annual pricing the platform can scale alongside a growing workforce.


As a Microsoft Partner 2120 Networks are at the forefront deploying Microsoft 365 and its feature rich platform. We supply, design, build, and support the Microsoft 365 platform for businesses in every sector. Microsoft 365's family of products is large and growing, and its capabilities are available for businesses to improve their handling of data, operations, and communication.    

Safe & Secure Email

Microsoft Office

Take advantage of Microsoft 365's email platform with a 50GB user mailbox. Safe and reliable email accessible across all of your devices. Deploy with Microsoft Outlook for the ultimate email experience. 

Microsoft 365 comes complete with the full suite of Office applications that you know and love. Deploy Microsoft Office apps as standalone or with a mailbox depending on user requirements.  

Microsoft Teams

OneDrive For Business

Deploy Microsoft Teams and give your workforce a platform to stay organised and have conversations all in one place, and across multiple devices. Share and access data, send Instant Messages and host Video Conferences with colleagues and external parties. 

Store all of your documents in a 1TB (1 TeraByte) OneDrive For Business account. Store and secure data in the Cloud and access it on multiple devices from PC, Mac to Mobile App. 




IT Infrastructures come in all shapes and sizes depending on the need of a business; they can be dispersed across multiple locations, branch offices, and even service providers. The traditional network allows employees in a company to share applications, data, resources, and access to the Internet. With the evolution of technology; there is a wider range of options available for small businesses offering greater flexibility at accessible prices.
At 2120 Networks we bring together an extensive background in managing and implementing IT Infrastructures for micro businesses to larger SMEs. We design, develop, implement, deploy and operate entire IT Infrastructures. Whether you have infrastructure in operation or are starting from scratch, we can alleviate the stress and manage the entire process.



Servers are crucial in centralised networks allowing users to share applications, files, emails and much more. Whether you opt for a physical solution or virtual, we identify and implement the best option for your business.



Networks are critical for connecting devices across a business to allow communication and access to IT services. We build robust local and wide area networks ensuring reliability and availability at all times. Find out more about our IT Network Support services here. 

Data Storage


Storing files and databases and granting access to users is vital for performing daily activities. We implement solutions that ensure data security, integrity, and availability for a complete peace-of-mind.



The Internet enables communication and access to information and services across the world. With various methods of connectivity available, we implement solutions that provide reliable and secure access at all times.

User Devices


IT users now work across multiple devices and therefore need solutions that grant them access to business applications, email, and data. We implement desktop and mobile devices solutions across wide range of operating systems to meet your users' needs.



Security is paramount for protecting your infrastructure, devices, applications, and data. It is crucial for an operating business to protect their property, retain credibility, and avoid legislative penalties. We implement unified security solutions to protect your business from all forms of threats.

Disaster Recovery


IT failures are risks need to be mitigated to help maintain a healthy operating business. We implement data, email backup and IT continuity solutions to enable business-as-usual practices and therefore continue serving your customers' needs.

Printing and Scanning

Printer_Icon_blue copy.png

Printers and scanners are still necessary for most businesses. With smarter and more efficient devices available in the marketplace; we help identify and implement solutions that your meets your needs.




Telecommunication is no longer just a landline or mobile phone call. We now have multiple ways to communicate with our audiences and therefore creating opportunities to drive productivity and efficiency. Unified Communications utilises Voice-over-IP and SIP technology and converges the most useful methods of communications into a single user-friendly interface. With greater reliability of Internet services and mobile network coverage; small businesses can now take advantage of Cloud telephony services in the form of UC-as-a-Service. There is no need for an onsite telephone system or expensive maintenance contracts; it is included in the service. Management is simplified through a user-friendly website with complete visibility of your call traffic through customised reports to better manage your workforce operations.


Offered on a per user monthly cost basis with packages including fixed landline and mobile voice minutes; this makes an ideal service for any small business. At 2120 Networks we design and implement UCaaS solutions from world-leading service providers with both nationwide and global coverage.



Traditional telephone system functionality with call routing, call forwarding, hunt-groups, auto-attendant, conferencing, call recording, phone directory, and voicemail. Use a SIP-enabled desktop handset to make and receive calls.



Virtual meetings with multiple parties, screen-sharing, video conferencing, and instant messaging all from your desktop or laptop anytime and anywhere.



All the features of your telephone system and handset on your desktop using a headset. Including the ability to click-to-dial from any application and integration with Outlook and CRM.



Mobile app offers all the features of Voice, Softphone, and Collaboration providing access to your corporate network on the move.



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