TwinWheel Logistics are an Essex based haulage distribution and logistics company with a network spread across the UK and into mainland Europe. With a state-of-the-art fleet of Haulage Vehicles and large nationwide and international distribution networks TwinWheel have established themselves as experts in the logistics industry. 
With an expanding footprint at their main UK headquarters in Grays Essex TwinWheel required a reliable and fast network to accommodate their growing workforce and to fix legacy IT issues. 


2018 and 19 saw a sizeable increase in TwinWheels’ operations team which placed strain on their existing office IT network at a time when reliable access to applications was critical to serving their customers. TwinWheel were recommended to 2120 Networks by one of our trusted partners and our task was to stabilise their office network and stop regular outages that occurred often on an hourly basis resulting in huge amount of lost productivity to TwinWheels’ workforce. 

We diagnosed their IT problem and isolated it to a number of ageing network devices with multiple switches and data hops in their LAN (Local Area Network). Like a motorway with a traffic jam, progress regularly grounding to a halt. The solution we implemented was a new local IT infrastructure with higher availability, reliability, and cost effective.


We designed a new LAN and installed it within a matter of days, which consisted of a smart managed Gigabit network switch replacing legacy hardware. In addition we installed a high-speed Cat6 Data Cabling that could cope with the expansion of TwinWheel’s workforce and therefore add new workstations without the need to further extend their physical network. The result was instantaneous and positive for TwinWheel due to no longer suffering agonising network issues, which included the ability to operate with increased capacity and reliable IT Infrastructure.


Key requirements for the upgrade project was scalabililty and portability due to plans for expansion into larger premises and greater workforce headcount. We are confident our solution will exceed these requirements and will serve their business going forward. TwinWheel are at the forefront of their industry and expansion into new distribution networks is always on the horizon. As a valued client our knowledge and expertise are on hand to assist TwinWheel in all areas of technology and the integration into business-as-usual operations. TwinWheel are currently reviewing a number of new platforms to streamline their IT operations. With our advice and consultancy we will guide them through a phase of complex business change and digital transformation.